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If your company is actively using three-dimensional printing, then you have every chance to win prestigious award!

5 reasons to participate in  3D Print Awards:

  • Success criterion

Often trying to achieve new goals, we forget about those summits we have already conquered. If you submit your application and select the nomination, you can make a small pause to look back, evaluate the factors that allowed you to achieve the success, and understand what will help to conquer new summits

  • Assessment of achievements

Becoming a nominee, you may get objective assessment of your achievements in comparison with the other nominees in chosen category.

  • Positive business image

Participation in the awards will have positive effect on your image in the media, which will certainly contribute to the successful development of your business.

  • Business differentiation

Demonstrate your customers, existing and new, as well as employees, what exceptional business advantages recognized by the international community of professionals, your company has.

  • Opportunity to celebrate your achievements

The grand awards ceremony to be held on 8 October 2014 is an occasion to celebrate the success. Invite everybody who contributed to the triumph of your company to join the festive table. Great treats and drinks, as well as a pleasant and friendly atmosphere will make this evening unforgettable!




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Symbol of 3D Awards is the statuette that is awarded to winners in various nominations and it is not only a guarantee of quality work, but also a criterion of trust.

Brand of the year

Best companies, strong brands and recognized professionals who follow competent marketing strategies to promote their products and services on the Russian innovation market.

The best innovative company of the year

The company that has introduced new, successful projects in the field of advanced three-dimensional printing and scanning technology.

The best development of the year

The company that has developed a new technology or improved the characteristics of existing product, making additive manufacturing more available, qualitative and simpler, will take the prize. 

The best news portal

Best media resource on unbiased industry news and informing the public about prospects of 3D printing and scanning development.

The best domestic manufacturer of 3D printers

Best Russian design, which has a number of unique advantages, including high-level service and support.

Beginner of the year

The most memorable, active and energetic newcomer in the industry that provided a large number of interesting and useful ideas for 3D industry development.


The most popular Manufacturer of consumable Materials

The company that manufactures the best in terms of price-quality consumables for 3D printers.

3D printing is called one of the main technological tendencies of the last years.
Well-deserved reward for experts in printing
Anton Dorofeev, Maksprint
3D printing is called one of the main technological tendencies of the last years.
Well-deserved reward for experts in printing
Anton Dorofeev, Maksprint


Winners 2015


Artist of the Year
Pavla Podsednikova Designer Pavla Podsednikova from Prague believes that fashion is purely individual; based on her... Read more
Best Company Providing Services of 3D Scanning
DAVID Vision Systems is a manufacturer and developer of laser systems of 3D scanning, 3D systems based on innovative... Read more
Best Innovative Company of the Year
This year the company has released a new model of the printer - Designer PRO 250 and applied the latest JetSwitch... Read more
Most Popular Manufacturer of Consumable Materials
REC has been engaged in manufacture of consumables for 3D printers using FDM technology. During 3 years, it has gained... Read more
Breakthrough of the Year
Imprinta Company. This year its Hercules Strong has become one of the most popular 3D printers. Having a large working... Read more
Best Consumer 3D Printing and Scanning Service
iGo3D is one of the largest suppliers of 3D printers, 3D scanners, consumables and spare parts in Europe. Today, IGo3D... Read more
Best Media Portal
3Dtoday is a portal for amateurs and professionals interested in 3D printing and related technologies. The... Read more
Best Educational Portal
3D CON is a team of experts, masters of their craft.  Among their services, there are not only delivery and ... Read more
Award for the Contribution to 3D Industry Development in the Russian Federation
Specavia is the Russia's first serial manufacturer of construction printers for bulk printing. For the first time... Read more
Brand of the Year
The winner is Irwin Company with its Magnum Printer. Magnum 3D printers are basically as close as possible to the... Read more
Best Domestic Manufacturer
PICASO 3D is a Russian manufacturer of 3D printers. It all started with the creation and mass production of easy to... Read more




It is very important for us that you have shown your interest in 3D.RU and products of 3D Systems for the creation of... Read more
3Dtoday.ru is the first Russian community of owners of 3D printers, from the creators of the largest in RuNet portal... Read more
Cybercom Ltd.
Since 2005Cybercom works in the market of 3D equipment and services (in particular, the company was the first to bring... Read more
Consistent Software Distribution
CSD is the largest distributor of 3D equipment in Russia. CSD is one of the first Russian companies that since... Read more
PICASO 3D is the first Russian manufacturer of 3D printers. It all began with the creation and launch of mass... Read more
NEL is a regional youth brand of innovative products and solutions. Its specialization is development and... Read more
3D Control Systems
3D Control Systems Ltd. believes that intellectual property is the basis of any business, and the protection of... Read more
Future Factories is the studio of artist Lionel Theodore Dean, who mainly works on projects of direct digital... Read more
3D Quality is young, vigorously growing company! Came into the market in early 2014 and almost immediately it made a... Read more
For Fabbers beginning of 2014 was marked by winning tender for supply of 3D equipment for education field. Now several... Read more





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