3D Print Awards-2015: winners are known

3D Print Awards-2015: winners are known

The second international prize awarding ceremony in the field of the best achievements in 3D printing and scanning industry 3D Print Awards took place on October 8 in "Sokolniki" within 3D Print Expo.

As the result of voting, we determined those who took the first places in the following profile nominations:

Artist of the Year  –  Pavla Podsednikova

The designer from Prague uses a 3D printer to create shoes. For the purposes of her project “Instant Shoe”, Pavla makes accurate cast model from the feet, which is digitalized into a 3D model. This model perfectly fits the foot without causing any discomfort while wearing.

Best Company Providing Services of 3D Scanning – DAVID

DAVID Vision Systems manufactures and develops laser systems of 3D scanning systems based on the technology of structured illumination. The brand is also known for its DAVID software, which allows you to create and compare 3D models.

Best Innovative Company of the Year – Picaso 3D

This year the company has released a new printer - Designer PRO 250 having applied a unique JetSwitch technology. The device prints with two materials allowing considerably expand the boundaries of the personal 3D printers’ usage and removing restrictions on the complexity and geometry of printing.

Breakthrough of the Year – Imprinta

This year Hercules Strong 3D printer by Imprinta has become one of the most popular 3D printers. Having a large working area, this model allows you to solve problems that other printers cannot do.

Most Popular Manufacturer of Consumable Materials – REC

REC manufactures consumables using FDM technology. During 3 years, it has significantly expanded the range and scale of sold products. Their quality is confirmed by certificates produced in accordance with the technical specifications.

Best Consumer 3D Printing and Scanning Service –  iGo3D

iGo3D is one of the largest suppliers of 3D printers, 3D scanners, consumables and spare parts in Europe. In Russia, the brand has been engaged in implementation of innovative technologies on the market as well as offers equipment by leading developers.

Best Media Portal – 3DToday.ru

3Dtoday is known by all amateurs and professionals who want to keep abreast of the 3D technologies development. Readers can not only find there the latest market news, but also share information with like-minded people. The website is divided into categories, and the publications are in a blog format.

Best Educational Portal – 3D CON

3D CON is an Internet platform, which popularizes and implements technology in everyday life and provides answers to key issues of the industry.

Award for the Contribution to 3D Industry Development in the Russian Federation – Specavia

Specavia is the first serial manufacturer of construction printers for bulk printing in Russia. The product is offered in conjunction with training and an album of ready technical solutions allowing you to print a building element by element.

Brand of the Year – Irwin with its Magnum Printer

Magnum 3D printers are as close as possible to the users that dictate the policies of the brand. In addition, the company manufactures a range of other products, including DIY kits, 3D printers with printing area of 600 mm in height, 3D printers with printing volume of more than 2.5 cubic meters.

Best Domestic Manufacturer – Picaso 3D

This award was given to Picaso 3D.

3D Print Awards is an annual international award in the field of the best achievements in 3D printing and scanning industry, wherein industry experts along with the users of the website estimate the annual achievements of companies-contenders for the victory in a particular category. Interactive voting traditionally takes place in the real time mode on the award website.

The organizer of 3D Print Awards Smile-Expo Company congratulates the winners and all the participants on this event!

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