Choosing best 3D printer for household use. Guide on 3D printing equipment

Choosing best 3D printer for household use. Guide on 3D printing equipment

Nowadays, 3D printers have long turned from exotic novelty into quite usual equipment actively used in their activities by designers, architects, jewelers, doctors and passionate innovations enthusiasts. However, there are still many people who want to join 3D community but have not done this yet for fear of 3D printers price. It is widely thought among them that 3D printing is available only to wealthy makers and businessmen, although it is not true.

We will try to tell you how to buy the best 3D printer for household use at democratic price.

Everyone who has two or three thousand dollars in his wallet can become the owner of high-end 3D printer for household use. And to buy beginner-friendly model, you will only new a few hundred dollars.

Conventionally 3D printers for home can be divided into several categories: low-end, medium ("workhorses") and high precision printers that will be good for very demanding users.

Now a little more about each category.

In the group of 3D-printers at the most democratic price one should mention several models that fully comply with their declared value.


For example, Printrbot Simple (about 300 USD) is a set of components that the user needs to put together into 3D printer. The device is ideal for those who want to learn the principles of operation of such devices and to understand whether he needs 3D printer at all.

Next model - Kino XYZprinting da Vinci 1.0 (about 500 USD), is a little more interesting than the previous: it uses fused deposition modeling  (FDM), and its consumables  are plastic and it has rather attractive design.

RepRap Open-Source Line (up to 620 USD) – is a unique model, its design and software is available to everyone under the terms of open source code. Some details of this printer can be even 3D printed.

The middle class may include 3D printers that best meet the criteria such as: ease of operation, broad functionality and reasonable price.

Most of them have heated build platform and work with ABS plastic. The most prominent representatives of this category are 3D-printers such as: Cubify Cube (1300 USD) and Afinia H-Series H479 (over 1500 USD).

Both models have rather high in comparison with the previous printers precision of printing and easy to use software.

For those who are willing to work with 3D printers that have really high quality, we can recommend the following models of 3D printers: Lulzbot TAZ 3 (2200 USD), Makerbot Replicator 2 (2200 USD),

Cubify CubeX, (2800 USD), 

Formlabs Form 1 (over 3000 USD). Using equipment of this class, you can get the most detailed products with smooth shapes. But be prepared for the fact that printing time will increase by several times.

After detailed study of technical characteristics of each model you can determine what category "your" best 3D printer falls into.

If you want to get acquainted with modern 3D equipment and get to know about the best 3D printer for household use in 2015, visit 3D Print Expo (8-10 October, ECC "Sokolniki") and 3D Print Awards Ceremony 2015 that will award the best manufacturers of 3D printers and 3D scanners.

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