What is the best 3D technology for textile industry?

What is the best 3D technology for textile industry?

There is quite a lot of three-dimensional printing technology everywhere today and we regularly see modification of already known technologies or emergence of new. In this article we will speak on 3D printing in textile industry and some of the most famous models of textile 3D printers, so that we could determine which 3D technology is the best.

What is textile 3D printing? This process is slightly different from printing of 3D models, because as a result you get not volume model of the object, but a 2D-drawing on clothes. It differs from usual print as it has very high quality and is applied without pre-coating. Plus, the image is very fast.

This 3D printing technology emerged about 5 years ago and caused a real "boom" among market participants. By the way, one of the first to pay attention to this innovation were the specialists of "DekoPrint" from St. Petersburg.

After research and improvements, they created a textile printer DTX-400, which can work with white ink. If you compare it with its foreign counterparts, it benefits significantly in speed of printing and safety margin. The device became a real discovery for the industry of mass production of textile products.

If we talk in more detail about what 3D technology is better, then we should in detail consider currently existing textile 3D printers.

Apart from the fact that the market of 3D printing devices offers European counterparts of DTX-400, lately there have also appeared printers capable of printing textile fibers. Such device was developed in the United States by experts of DREAMS Lab. The project clearly states immediate future of textile industry: 3D printing of textile fibers, and soon - 3D printing of ready-made garments.

At the moment, designer Joshua Harris is working on the device capable of printing clothing, and he is sure that in thirty years, more than half the world's population will use similar 3D printers at home.

But if not talking about the near future but about what market can offer today, than one should recall some of the most famous models.

For example, after the launch of its first model St. Petersburg-based company "DekoPrint" introduced another series of new products (DTX-600/800/900/1000 (CMYK + White), their main functional feature is full control and formation of white background.

Also inkjet 3D printers Brother of Japanese brand that solve the problems of small design studios and production facilities are quite popular.


Such Brother models as GT-341, GT-361 and GT-381operate with the help of by unique Japanese 3D printing technology that allows significantly increase the speed of drawing by successive spraying of white and then colored paints. This ensures the application of image only with a single pass of the print head over material.

Brother 3D printers are also considered among the safest because they use environmentally friendly water-based inks as consumables/

To learn what 3D technology is better and personally verify this, one should visit the third annual 3D Print Expo to be held on 8-10 October in Moscow ECC "Sokolniki", bringing together the best specialists of the world of 3D printing.

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